Oct. 23, 2011 Eastern Turkey Earthquake
(preliminary result)

Destructive earthquake has struck Van, Turkey, on Oct. 23, 2011 (UTC). Focal mechanism of the earthquake was reverse fault with N-S directed P-axis. We estimated rupture process of the 2011 earthquake using a new earthquake source inversion (Yagi & Fukahata, 2011) of teleseismic body waves (P-waves) data recorded at GSN provided by IRIS-DMC. We assumed one possible fault plane, which seems to be consistent with topography.


Seismic Moment Mo = 6.2 x 10^19 Nm (Mw 7.1);
Rupture Duration: T = 15 s;
Source Plane: (strike, dip, rake) = (239, 51, 54.4)
Maximun slip (m) = 4.5 m Fault Area = 50 km x 35 km [We used the hypocenter by USGS]

(Yuji Yagi, University of Tsukuba)

Slip distribution. A star in the map indicates the epicenter.

Focal mechanism, source time function and slip distribution.

Comparison of observed (black) and synthetic waveforms (red).

Yagi, Y. & Fukahata, Y., 2011, Introduction of uncertainty of Green's function into waveform inversion for seismic source processes, Geophys. J. Int, 186, 711-720, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2011.05043.x