University of Tsukuba


Earth Evolution Sciences (Doctoral Program in Geosciences; Master's Program in Geosciences) are the scientific study of structure, composition, history and mechanics of our planet by quantitative geological, physical, chemical and biological methods for forecasting the future. Our program embraces a wide range of fields, including paleobiological sciences, paleogeosphere science, geodynamics, petrology, mineralogy, planetary resource geology, and Earth historical analysis; the last is an exchange program with the National Museum of Nature and Science. Such broad program allows students to become familiar with world-class research and capable of making substantive contributions. The graduate programs also provide professionals with a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge.



Paleobiological Science

AGEMATSU Sachiko Staff Database Associate Professor Conodont, graptolite, tentaculite
My research focuses on conodont taxonomy, biostratigraphy, and geological history of Asian paleocontinents.
Kohei Tanaka Staff Database Assistant Professor Paleontology


Paleogeosphere Science

HISADA Ken-ichiro Staff Database Professor Sedimentary petrological study of orogenic belts in Asia
My research topics cover the sedimentology and tectonics of the accretionary complex on land. Also I have a great interest in the provenance study using heavy minerals and clastics. My fieldworks extend from the Japanese Islands to East and South Asia.
Kamata Yoshihito Staff Database Associate Professor Stratigraphy
My research interests are Paleozoic and Mesozoic geological developments of SE Aisia and formative process of the Japanese accretionary complexes.
FUJINO Shigehiro Staff Database Associate Professor Stratigraphy
My research interests involve the application of sedimentology to define the recurrence interval of earthquakes and tsunamis. I am currently investigating tsunami history at Pacific coasts in central and western Japan.



YAGI Yuji Staff Database Professor Seismology, Tectonophysics
Seismic source models are important in estimating crustal deformation, strong ground motion, tsunami and aftershock activity as well as for understanding nature of earthquakes. We have been developing method for analysis of stress accumulation and relaxation process during a large earthquake cycle so as to construct proper seismic source model, and applying it to geophysical observation data.
UJIIE Kohtaro Staff Database Associate Professor Structural geology
Our team studies earthquakes in subduction zones and accretionary processes based on fieldwork, laboratory experiments, and deep ocean drilling.
Okuwaki Ryo Staff Database Assistant Professor Seismology, Tectonophysics rokuwaki [at]



TSUNOGAE Toshiaki Staff Database Professor Metamorphic petrology
My research interests are mainly on metamorphic petrology, particularly focusing on pressure-temperature-time (P-T-t) evolution of high-grade metamorphic terranes and the role of fluids in the lower crust. They are all field-based studies, but laboratory works such as textural observation of thin sections, electron microprobe analysis of minerals, thermodynamic calculations of mineral phase equilibrium, and microthermometric study of fluid inclusions are also important. My current study field are granulites in South India, East Antarctica, and South Africa, which are all related to subduction and continental collision during the amalgamation stage of supercontinents.
IKEHATA Kei Staff Database Associate Professor Petrology, Economic Geology, Geochemistry, Volcanology
My main research interests are distribution and behavior of volatile and metal element in magmatic-hydrothermal system.


Planetary Resource Geology

MARUOKA Teruyuki Staff Database Associate Professor Geochemistry@
Geochemistry, Planetary Science, Archaeological Chemistry, stable isotope geochemistry, mass spectrometry, mass extinction event, ground water@
FUJISAKI Wataru Staff Database Assistant Professor Geochemistry@ wataru-fujisaki [at]
Geochemistry, Planetary Science@



KUROSAWA Masanori Staff Database Associate Professor Geochemical studies on the Earth's fluids by using fluid-inclusion analyses, Trace element analyses of minerals and fluid inclusions by PIXE and LA-ICP-MS, Hydrogen analyses of melt inclusions by elastic recoil coincidence spectrometry
My main researches are focused on geochemistry of minerals and fluid inclusions by PIXE and LA-ICP-MS analyses.
KYONO Atsushi Staff Database Associate Professor Mineralogy, Crystallography, Mineral physics
My research interests mainly lie in experimental investigations of crystal structures and physical properties of minerals.


Earth Historical Analysis(Tsukuba University graduate school Cooperation university)

KOHNO Naoki Professor Mammalian Paleontology


SHIGETA Yasunari Professor Paleontology, Geology
I mainly work on ammonoid biostratigraphy, taxonomy, and paleobiology. I am currently studying the Early Triassic biotic recovery on the basis of detailed field works in Vietnam and Russian Far East. Other research interests include paleobiogeography and evolution of the Cretaceous ammonoids in the Pacific area.


TSUTSUMI Yukiyasu Associate Professor Geochronology,Geology